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Father Knows Coffee Best?

A freshly ground steaming cup of Trader Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Wake Up Blend Coffee beans is a great way to literally wake up and smell the coffee outside of opening your own coffee shop. Whilst you can find more information on JUST LOVE COFFEE CAFE, I haven’t personally got the time to run a cafe on top of everything else, so I make enough to last the whole day, starting around lunch time especially when it’s hot outside I end up pouring it over ice to make iced coffee, which helps me power through the afternoon. A few people have told me to invest in this coffee roasting machine over at Bellwether Coffee, their reasoning? Because of the amount of coffee and make and store for the day… Apparently, this machine does all of that for you!

Tjs best organic fair trade coffee

Trader Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Wake Up Blend Coffee beans

To tell the truth, I have always been a little bummed about Trader Joe’s Coffee, but I love the store and the vast majority of the products there, however, I kept trying different brands of coffee over the years, and people who know me are always making recommendations. Just the other day a British friend of mine suggested I check out the coffee here: http://ironandfire.co.uk, which is on my to-do list. I was yet to find one that I liked enough to tell other people about it until now. My Dad ending up buying a big 28 oz container, that costs around $14.99, which is enough for about a hundred cups of six oz coffee in theory.

I will spare you the triple bottom line speech about good sustainable, ethical business practices and how that relates to good design in general, but do yourself and everyone else a favour and be sure to always look for the options that have the words Organic & Fair Trade featured on the label whenever possible.

Trader Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Wake Up Blend is as one might expect a blend of organically grown, fair trade certified, 100% Arabica Beans from small-scale farms from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Peru. The farmers and in many cases the entire family that grow the beans are committed to organic and sustainable agricultural practices.

My personal nickname for this coffee is TJ’s Wake-Up Goldilocks due to its generic branding, predominately golden packaging and “just right” balance of medium roasting, bitter and sweetness.

If you don’t mind taking the time to grind your own beans, give Trader Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Wake Up Blend a try, besides I can say with confidence that it will no doubt look especially good and stack very nicely next to your oatmeal, raw sugar and quinoa containers.

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