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Grifone Primitivo 2010 Wine Tasting Notes

As two-buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s is no more, trying to find a good replacement is beyond a worthy challenge. To find replacements I can look at joining a wine club, that is always a good option… for anyone.

Trader joes $5 wine

Five buck wine from Trader Joes 2010-grifone-primativo

Primitivo is basically the Italian cousin of the same grape called Zinfandel in North America and the parent of Mali Plavoac in Crotia. This particular 100% Primitivo from Grifone is created from Old Vines from the Puglia region and is available for about 5 dollars.

Tasting Notes for Grifone Primitivo 2010:

Not much of a nose on it, but had some concentrated berry, licorice and vanilla notes upfront, which ending up playing nicely on the palate. I found that it started off really well, fairly fruit forward and was mildly spicy, but during the finish that flavor started to turn from being pleasantly jammy to more encompass borderline semi-bitter lingering tannins.

Primitivo wine region

Where Primitivo (Italian Zinfandel) is grown

I would be more likely to use this wine for adding to my Beef Burgundy Crock Pot recipe, as this is not a great stand-alone drinking wine that I could suggest having on a semi-regular basis without food.

Grifone Primitivo does pair nicely with some fairly rich cheese, such as an aged cheddar.


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