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Bizarre Sea foam Storm Blankets Beach Town

Residents and tourists in Mooloolaba, Australia a beachtown north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast has found parts of the beachfront to be buried in sea foam up to 3 meters (9 feet).

sea foam storm

Extreme climate changes comes in all forms, such as this sea foam storm in Mooloolaba, Australia

Sea foam is naturally caused by the interaction of wind and ocean, in this case just extremely more than normal. The sea foam is relatively harmless and is one of the results of a storm system previously known as Tropical Cyclone Oswald.

Other parts of Queensland didn’t fair as well as Tropical Cyclone Oswald caused tornados and flooding. Some of the worse flooding trapped hundreds and in some parts qualified as some of the worse flooding seen in the last 70 years according to the BBC. So far one person has died and two people are still missing because of the storm.

The clean up is likely to be a very big job for those who have been hit hardest. When it comes to buildings, it is always the roofs which take the brunt of the extreme weather and often need repairs afterwards. If your roof becomes damaged as a result of extreme weather, then this info from a roof repair specialist should be useful.

Interesting that case after case of extreme record breaking weather does little to phase so many that climate change is currently taking place right before their eyes.

Australian beach town Mooloolaba sea foam video:

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