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New Lithium Batteries Make Superman Fly

It’s a bird, it’s a plane no it’s lithium-ion battery electric-powered flying superman.

Lithium Makes

Lithium Makes Superman Fly

You might think it was a promo for the next Superman movie when you see Superman flying along the Pacific Coast Highway in California.

The sight of superman flying up and down the PCH highway in California is both entertaining and awe inspiring. But the big question is who or what is the real superhero underneath this flying cape crusader?

Otto Dieffenbach was the man that created several lithium-ion battery electric-powered flying superheroes. Mr Dieffenbach is a R/C airplane enthusiast and retired Airforce test pilot. His son inspired him (a Comicon artist) to create a life-sized Superman complete with his iconic flapping cape!

The R/C model is fairly life-size, but the cape had to be reduced in size to make the model more aerodynamic. The capes can also be made detachable for increased performance just in case you need your flying superhero to make better loops and rolls. The superhero R/C models can be created in a single day especially if using precut parts. The models are made of custom 6mm and 3mm depron foam.

Sadly the Superman version tends to do a nose plant upon landing, however those issues have mostly been overcome with the newer Supergirl model, whose natural shape has proven much better for adding wheels for landing that help cushion the touchdown.

R/C Superman, Supergirl, Green Lantern and other superheroes battery powered kits are available with more information available at: balsabuddies.com and RCgroups.com.

FlyingSupermanKitPlansThe flying R/C model comes in various sizes including a 5’2″ version that weighs less than 2 pounds, which is mostly constructed of 6mm and 3mm depron foam and features 200w of electric power.

Besides being fun Flying R/C Superheroes can help promote a worthy cause, which is to champion new battery technology and promote greener electric alternatives for many applications.

Video of Battery Powered Flying Electric Superman:


Battery Powered Flying Electric Superman Photo Gallery


Hopefully people viewing this flying marvel will get a little bit more battery on the brain, which is the actual location of the battery. The real superhero of this story is the spectacular new advancements in battery and electric motor technology, which has taken place in recent years. The big question is not how can Superman fly, but rather what other things could be using clean electric renewable energy technology in your everyday life?


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