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Ocean Levels Not Rising Climate Change Myth Busted

Climate Change Myth #005:  If the polar icecaps were melting there should be a “measurable” rise in ocean levels and so far none have been detected.

Myth Researched by: Ken Burridge


According to CSIRO  (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) which is Australia’s national science agency satellite altimeter measurements from the Topex/Poseidon, Jason-1 and now Jason-2 altimetry missions, show a rate of global mean sea level (GMSL) rise of about 3 mm/year since the early 1990s, which is significant because prior to that period global-averaged sea levels rose an average of 1.7 mm/yr over the 20th Century. Satellite data has been compared using other independent techniques, such as the drifting buoys of the Argo network, the GRACE gravimetry satellite, and the network of tide gauges.

sea level rise

Sea Level rise: the trend is obviously up

In addition in 2010 Science Magazine said that “Global sea levels have risen through the 20th century. These rises will almost certainly accelerate through the 21st century and beyond because of global warming.”

For those wanting a person-to-person chat with someone that may already be a Climate Change refugee due to rising ocean levels search for and chat (perhaps on Facebook) with any of the 100,000 citizens of Kiribati Island nation in the South Pacific.

Conclusion: Busted

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Not so long ago (August 27, 2012) almost half of the US voting population laughed along with Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention as he joked and rejected Global Warming and the need to take action to mitigate sea level rise.  This is almost hard to believe that so many people in the USA could remain so clueless as to the fact that Sea level rise is a serious problem, especially when that rise is added to storm surges. This may be a little more obvious now to those living in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  Even if polar ice in Antarctica was not melting and increasing sea levels, just the general increase in global temperature also causes water to expand, which will cause an additional rise.

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Climate Change Myth #005: If the polar icecaps were melting there should be a “measurable” rise in ocean levels and so far none have been detected.



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