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Uphold Online Bank a Better Digital Coin Wallet?

Uphold.com is an online bank & digital coin wallet that supports: 30+ currencies and commodities:


Uphold allows you to hold and exchange many different currencies.

Currencies available for Bank Transfers/Exchanges:

USD: US dollar
GPB: British Pound
EUR: Euro
CNY: Chinese Yuan

Some of the currencies available to hold or send to anyone worldwide:
AUD: Australian Dollar
NZD: New Zealand Dollar
CAD: Canadian Dollar
MXN: Mexican Peso
XAG: Silver
XAU: Gold

Some Cryptocurrency wallets you can send or receive (for free):

BTC: Bitcoin
ETH: Ethereum
LTC: Litecoin
DASH: Digital Cash

Besides the ease of owning and exchanging Crypto Currencies—Uphold unlike your regular bank that only has to keep a small fraction of the reserves on hand at any give time—Uphold keeps over 100% on hand. In theory that means if some sort of global financial crisis happens again, you will be more likely to still have access to your funds relative to currency held in other traditional banks.

Uphold digital bank

Uphold.com crypto currency wallet and bank

Just in case you haven’t guessed Uphold.com is my current favorite online bank. Warning: I would seriously watch quite a few instructional videos on youtube etc. before putting too much money in there and be sure to play with their interface with small amounts of funds for quite awhile because it is very easy to convert currencies with a single push of a button.


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