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USA Banks Stop Lending to Each Other Causes Concern

At of the end 2017 USA Intrabank Loans have fallen to the lowest rate in 45 years–WHY?

Yes even lower than right before the 2008 the global financial crisis.

USA Interbank loan data

USA Interbank loan needs have changed for the first time in 45 years

The plot thickens — Coincidently less than a day later that chart vanishes from public view and the Federal Reserve Bank states they will stop publishing that data in the future. Kind of an ominous sign and people still wonder how conspiracy theories start? Anyway, those two facts certainly had me thinking that the banks were possibly hoarding cash (not unlike what happened in 2008) and we could be on the cusp on another financial crisis. It would make sense since no laws in the USA have been changed since that time to prevent another bank created crisis from happening.

Interbank Loan data

Federal Reserve Bank Interbank Loan data now hidden from public for the first time.

However, that turns out not to be the case according to friends of mine in the banking business and other sources the US banks are NOT suffering from low liquidity—so the ATMs should keep working (yea)! Good thing, because I didn’t want to run out and buy a 20 lb. bag of rice and many packs of canned tuna/chicken (again like 10 years ago) to be able to eat for weeks without access to cash or credit.

Enough reminiscing about the good old days (big questions remain):
Why are we seeing the lowest numbers of loans between banks in the last 45 years?

What is the root cause?

Why are USA banks so flush with cash they don’t need to loan money to each other for the first time?

FYI: My concerns continue— but as of right now I am not stocking up on big bags of rice or tuna in a can.


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